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G.S.C. ft Rob Kelly – Spite

Wed, 2011-11-16 13:55 -- lop3z

Irish American rap group G.S.C. teamed up with Irish heavy-weight, Rob Kelly back in 2010 and the track Spite was the outcome.

Although G.S.C. are a Southern American group, there roots are solidly Irish and with Wexford's Rob Kelly featuring it's only right to take a look at the track. G.S.C. are from Northern Georgia and were formed roughly around 2006. The group consists of two brothers, Young Jay and Danny O' Moore and there hype man BoGutta. The group got a rapid start and burst onto their local HipHop scene performing at showcases and being featured on some major mixtapes from the Legion Of Doom. They also opened for acts such as the Ying Yang Twins, JT Money and Kilo. Their own Irish roots hail from Co. Offaly and Co. Down and the group are managed by Kevin Gorman from Tallaght in Dublin. They are also part of another group, Boondock Kingz, which consists of G.S.C. and Kuntry Strong, an Albany New York native and whom together have a more alternative HipHop sound.

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"258","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignleft size-medium wp-image-326","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"158","height":"300","title":"299305_229518480438672_229518040438716_619128_1177624589_n","alt":""}}]]The track itself was produced by Lava Boi and Gassalean of Beatin Off Productions, who have produced for Da Arsonists and Gorilla Zoe to name just a few. It begins with a stiff, short key sample repeated in a tight rhythm, then the beat drops with a hard, tight kick drum and snappy clap. A light rhythmic hi-hat keeps the time as a splashy cymbal crashes on the drop. The track is light and not over produced leaving space for the rhyme to shine. Rob Kelly comes in first delivering that flawless flow with well crafted, witty bars

I'm a heavy metal star, Billy Idol, Mony Mony,

you hang around with coppers like Jonsey and Mahoney

and Hooks and Hightower, you shook off my power

I'm the king of the castle, your stuck in my tower

The track ebbs along nicely with a snappy musical flow that keeps you nodding your head along to the beat. G.S.C., although not as complicated with their rhymes as Kells, do bring solid rhymes and their trademark Southern swag to the track. The change in accent and style gives Danny an energy as he launches in on verse two bringing that swag and holding that clean snappy flow as he addresses the over-hyped artists in the game

Got a major deal shawty, but you overrated

Gotta hit in the burbs but the hood made it

You crazy, use your head be for real

Say you run it but all I see is standing still[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"259","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignright size-medium wp-image-328","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"205","height":"300","title":"303971_10150921832490207_500900206_21260672_1415565489_n","alt":""}}]]

The lightness of the track, mixed with the edgy use of the sample and the catchy sound carries an undeniable bop to the track that gets you eager for each verse to drop. Young Jay comes in for the last verse to lay his grimy style on the track but keeping those clear, paced couplets on the beat

Get big, go make another record

you better fly high if you low you get wet up

but get this, we been raw for too long

no recognition up n down like a see saw

Although the track was released back in 2010 it was never really promoted and so never received the attention it deserved. Although the content of the verses might not blow you away as far as complicated or subliminal styles, they do hold a tightness to them and a solid flow and this track is just that; a sharp HipHop track that has a solid beat as an underlay and laced with three tight snappy verses over the top. It's nice to hear the mix up of the Irish verse with the Southern twang of our American cousins and it works real well giving each an energy to their verses as they drop in.

G.S.C. are really holding their Irish connections well, collaborating with a lot of our well known artists. They have done tracks with Terawrizt, Gerard i2 and Mr. Mills. At the moment they are working on a Boondock Kingz mixtape and have a G.S.C. mixtape, Hwy 985 Vol.1 coming in January 2012. They have also got plenty more Irish collaborations in the works too so watch this space.