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Vote for Bloodshed Promotions in the Arthur Guinness Projects

Thu, 2013-07-11 22:00 -- lop3z

The Irish HipHop scene has a contender in the Arthur Guinness Projects with Bloodshed Promotions and we need ye out there to log in and vote !! Why ??? Well we're all only too familiar with how the scene is here and how we do it all ourselves and lets not forget the complaints on how this guy or that girl or this group never gets a chance or a shot. Well with ye'r votes we can change that !!! Bloodshed Promotions wants to kick into effect real opportunities for the Irish scene by

1) Bringing top quality International artists to Ireland to perform and we're talking real HipHop not watered down commercial crap...the big promoters will wash you with that and they have the funding !! We're talking bringing true artists and upholders of the culture, real emcees.

2) Running fair competitions and opportunities for Irish artists to get supporting slots for these gigs, getting a stage with world reknown artists that have inspired and influenced our own artists and giving them a shared stage to shine on.

3) Running regular nights where Irish Urban artists can have an opportunity to perform on a regular basis and 

4) Further cater for the already expanding Urban scene in this country by providing regular club nights and studio time to up and coming artists.

Just click the link here and vote for Bloodshed Promotions so we can get a lil boost to get this scene up to the level where it should be