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Tall-Order - The Tree Of Life And Death

Tue, 2014-02-25 17:45 -- lop3z

Clondalkin native Tall-Order released his much anticipated debut album The Tree Of Life And Death in December and to great acclaim, reaching the number 1 spot on the iTunes HipHop charts knocking Eminem'sThe Marshall Mathers EP II off the top spot.


The album is 14 tracks that tells an ongoing story connecting the characters through the mess of social and economic problems stemming from drug abuse, sickness, sexual abuse, suicide, mental illness and much more. The way the tracks connect and remain relevant to the ever deepening fate of the characters is genius and even caught the attention of legendary New York emcee Nas who is known for his talented story telling rhymes and who on hearing the album said and i quote.. "That's fucking dope". 

The album has received props from many top U.S underground emcees such as Vinnie Paz, Roc Marciano, HavocSticky FingazThe Outlawz and from the legend Kool G Rap who features on the track Depths Of Despair (a beast of a track that I personally had the pleasure of mixing) and who was eager to work with Tall-Order after hearing some of the gully tracks he was putting together.


The album was released back in December and was accompanied by a special 27 page magazine that came with the physical copies which contained a comic style storyboard of the tracks with lyrics and glossaries. Keeping bias aside as I did have the pleasure of working on the album, I can still honestly say this is one of the finest albums to come out of this nation for both its ingenuity but also its uniquness and completeness.


The Tree Of Life And Death was released on Bloodshed Records Inc and can be downloaded from iTunes from this link