The Best In Irish HipHop

Bloodshed Promotions' Bone Thugs N' Harmony Competition

Wed, 2013-07-17 09:31 -- lop3z

This coming Saturday sees the first of many to come Bloodshed Promotions club/competition nights, beginning with a competition to decide who gets to support legendary HipHop group Bone Thugs N Harmony when they come to Ireland - another Bloodshed Promotions event. The event is taking place at The Voodoo Lounge, 9-40 Arran Quay, Dublin 7. Beginning at 8pm sharp the night will be ran and judged by a voting system that all comes down to the public and voting cards will be issued on arrival. The list of those taking part in the competiton are as folows ; 

Rob Coleman
Red Eyed Rollers
Tanita sikes
Dean Doonan 
Cork Street Posse
The Mandelbrot
Skin T
Isaac McGuinness 
Instinct & Vizion
Brothers Grim 
Ryan O' Reilly
& Many More

Live performances by Street Literature, Tall-Order, Temper Mental MissElayneous & many more will take place after the competing acts have performed followed by a proper HipHop DJ set from DJ Barry Krishna.

There will be no set times for the artists performing, instead a live draw will take place from 8 - 8.30pm to decide the running orer of artists performing. Every artist will receive 1 vote per supporter they bring with them on the night, so it's in artists best interest to bring as many supporters as possible with them. The public vote will be done in a different manner on the night to make sure the system is fair. The voted winner of the competition will only be awarded the prize if they are present when all the votes are totted up and announced, meaning if they head off before the winner is announced the prize goes to the next artist with the most votes.

Admission to this night is the small fee of just 5euro and is sure to be a top night of great music with a serious ammount of live performances topped off by a real HipHop DJ set.