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The Elements - Lost Archives 06-08

Thu, 2012-06-21 18:43 -- lop3z

Irish HipHop veterans The Elements are back from hiatus and have just released Lost Archives 06-08. A collection of unreleased tracks from 2006–2008 in an album format to keep us enticed till the release of newer, fresher material.

The Elements formed originally in 2002 around a group of friends from the Blanchardstown area of Dublin. The Elements are ;[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"282","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignright size-medium wp-image-789","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"275","height":"300","title":"334578_10150609156750854_1202842817_o","alt":""}}]]

Richie 'Mr. HighSpeed' Lewis,

Sheriff 'Gemsmiff' Ibrahim,

Adam 'Swords/D1' Swords,

Keith 'ThaBoy' Connell,

Neill 'NdLZ' Whelan

Original members included Karen 'Neveah' McDermott and Mo 'DJ Mo-K' Keating but in 2006 Mo-K left to join forces with Irish heavyweight Rob Kelly and Neveah left to pursue other interests. It was at this time they recruited Neill 'NdLZ' Whelan who had been a part of NdLZ & Finesse, another Dublin HipHop groupto replace Mo-K and the current line-up was set. All five current members contribute as both emcees and producers.

The production on Lost Archives is taken on by Gemsmiff, Mr. HighSpeed and NdLZ. You can see why they gel so well together from the styles of samples that they each use: curious, strange oddities of camples that are unlike anything of the so called 'norm' of HipHop. These samples are used in such a way that its hard to comprehend until you to stop trying to. With these samples they form a collection of multi-genre style tracks which incorporate a mixture of smooth Soul to edgy Rock infused beats and Reggae pulsed tracks. The layering of these odd samples is done on a level like that of a jigsaw of different dimensions that combine to the reality of one. Guitar, keys, strings, vocal, bass samples, all chopped and utilised in an intelligent manner as the blocks that build these tracks, along with the solid kicks and snares that are used in different frequenced combinations to suit the individual tracks. The very background but prominent sound of the hi-hats on these tracks hold a rich, vintage analogued sound to them. There are some fantastic basslines on here too, encompassed with congas and shakers that make up some tracks that could turn the fight on the sampling war.....uniqueness..!

The tracks are each to their own but the message seems to remain constant and relevant throughout this album. The sense of life and a place in the world comes through on these tracks and from the perspective of youth, sometimes from a wreckless vantage but more so on a wise keel. I think the fact of there being four emcees gives a much wider view of these issues - the more perspectives the closer to truth. But the wise take on humanity and from each perspective in relation to their craft and music in particular seems to be the glue that binds the direction of the tracks. But it never gets repetitive or monotonous, the variation of the tracks helps that and the difference in musical sounds on each track is used differently to back the approach on each song. The tracks seem to take a much more lighthearted and mellow seeping into the cerebrum rather than the usual 'in your face' approach of most HipHop tracks.

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"283","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignleft size-medium wp-image-792","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"300","height":"200","title":"322255_10150313770050854_2507323_o","alt":""}}]]MC Pedigree is produced by Gemsmiff and NDLZ and does exactly what it says on the tin: a track displaying the quality of the emcee. Gemsmiff is in first as he spits a tight verse on his musical style, he lays a slick, tight, head nodding phonetic flow as he describes his production style

Take an old record flip it pshychadelically, shift on a deadly medley dropping heavily,

regulate terribly, more means of remedy, consistent with the rhythm so it must be hereditary,

Black music Jazz, Soul n Funk fusion, affiliated let there be no confusions

The catchy hook is vocalled by all members as it catches the priorities of the group and their position

CD's LP's MP3's,

DJ's Emcee's MPC's

AC, DC and Windows AV

We currently eliminating your pedigree

Next up is HighSpeed as he drops his crazy ear forcing flow full of phonetic and quick paced rhymes, subliminally portraying his lyrical superiority

Watch me carry something heavy, shifting loads becoming deadly,

moods from the martian with celestial jargon,

conscientious of predators, adventurous the venomous,

a black rose held by the human with a metal face


The tracks go from edgy HipHop to smooth Soul and bouncy Reggae with the ease of transition like sunset as the tracks seem to mix and blend.

On Is It Not What You Expected?? A trackthat calls home the priorities of modern times, and places The Elements as an individual group that make their own way and not influenced by the masses. Swords captures the fickleness of this modern society as he comes in on the first verse to lay reality to the superficial over a Rock styled beat

I'm on the poisonous planet infected by the superficial, soon to be obliterated by a super missile,

your bones soon to be stripped from your skin an tissue, but Britney's haircut seems to be a bigger issue.

We cant sort ourselves out, we've got too much bullshit to really think about, too many dodgy magazines to flick through, we'll pretend we're sorry when we probably skip you


The different approach of each emcee on each track is so different but yet when combined with the production it just all seems to magically pull together. Your listening to an amped, high energy track with different verses and approaches then your in a skin smooth Soul track and all the while you don't feel in any way dismembered from your listening zen. The twist of styles and deliveries just ebb along with the impression of no joints or breaks in vocal difference.

On Nu Roots we get a track that slaps some reality to the scene on how people need to stand out and be individual with their music rather than following suit. ThaBoy takes the third verse, dropping some twisted bars intwined in a deep metaphored tale of the ways of frustrated heads in the game and his domination of them.

Mister mister you cant break if your, a damsel in distress i'll undress her from the centre, enter, dancing with the devilof a temper, who sent her, done the dirt and rapper soul fire cracker,

had a laugh and got that, thats what I'm after connect and reflect after


The Elements have delivered us twelve tracks of musical bliss here no matter what your taste. For musical surgeons you have the intricate sample deciphering and appreciation of their blending, for the HipHop heads you have the differing styles and deliveries of vocal workings to appreciate and for the rest you have an assortment of tracks that you can just sit back, get lost and breeze into with a calm smile on your face. It's easy to forget these tracks are 4-6 years old for there solid stance and relevance, and I think a lot of current artists could learn vast amounts from the line these guys have taken.

The Elements have since dropped some new material including a video for their track, The Road and have a lot more stuff dropping soon. The next installment from the guys is a video for their track Smooth Sailing. They have an as yet untitled EP almost completed and will be dropping a video for one of those tracks, Typical from that. Plenty more Elemental related music will be flooding the scene so stay tuned to all their online spots for updates.

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