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The Animators Competition Winner : Diligenz – Lalala

Thu, 2011-12-01 13:19 -- lop3z

The Animators recently ran a competition to which the prize was to record a verse or chorus with the group but depending on the quality of the winner the prize could go even further. Check it out here

The breakdown and judging of entries was a collective job carried out by all members of The Animators to which Dublin emcee Diligenz triumphed.

Lethal Dialect - LD50

Wed, 2011-10-26 14:51 -- lop3z

Back in January of this year Paulie Alwright, better known as Lethal Dialect, released his debut album LD50.

Hailing from Blanchardstown in Dublin, Lethal Dialect has been on the scene here for a good few years. He started out working with Terawrizt, back when he was part of DHT, but when the group split, Lethal linked up with Jambo, another North Side heavy weight. He took part in two battles in the DFI league, against Genesis of Cork and Rob Steenson of Dublin, both of which he won. This took him up to his first release, the album LD50.

Andy Duff - With Music We Make Miracles

Sun, 2011-10-16 17:15 -- lop3z

Andy Duff recently posted a video of himself performing his latest track, With Music We Make Miracles.

Andy Duff is a young singer/guitarist/songwriter from Lucan in Dublin and you might ask...Why I am covering this guy on an Irish HipHop blog? Well that's because he has been featured on a few tracks here from some of the countries main movers and is getting a lot of attention on the Irish Urban scene for his deep felt lyrics and delivery of them.

iLL Psychz - Weetabix (Wake Up!) feat Ayzee Surgeon

Fri, 2011-10-14 19:56 -- lop3z

ill Psychz recently released a video to his latest track Weetabix(Wake Up!) featuring Ayzee Surgeon.

Psychz, 23, hailing from Balinasloe in Galway is originally from Bristol but moved back to Ireland when he was twelve. He started writing lyrics at around fourteen and at sixteen formed a group with a friend. They dismembered when he was nineteen and he's been concentrating on his art since and released his first mixtape the self titled ill Psychz back in April of this year.


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