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Rappers Comp Ireland Presents Hip Hop 360

Thu, 2012-05-03 20:27 -- lop3z

Rappers Comp Ireland have been at the forefront of the Irish HipHop scene for a while now by promoting and pushing the movement here, offering showcases and creating nights to give the up and coming artists a stage.

It is ran by Dublin's own Kim Boylan and was started about a year ago as a means to get newer artists a foot in the game and to connect with those already making moves. Rappers Comp have also ran junior nights to cater for the up and coming artists who cant make contact by regular gigs due to age and has seen some great success through this. They also make a viable network for artists who wouldn't have normally known how to get out there and connect with the current movers. On this coming May 10th Rappers Comp Ireland is presenting Hip Hop 360.

The night will feature performances from ;


Escape the Deadlights

Calvin Wade(Working Class)



MTI(Michael Roc & Graciano G-Major)

and many more.

There will be four battles on the night ;

Deanie Vs Carl French

Yung Shay Vs Gaz

Jamie Vs Yaz

Indecency Vs Gwame

The night will also host a Cypher with some of Irelands freshest freestylers.

Music on the night will be held down by Dublin's DJ Scorpio and Galway's DJ Ozz.

This event Hip Hop 360 is taking place on Thursday May 10th in Lafayette on 22-25 Westmoreland Street, Dublin from 20.00 to 01.00.

Drinks Promotions will be in place for the night ;

E3.50 bottles of Carlsberg or Miller

E4 pints of Bavaria

E5 euro Cocktails

E10 Double Vodka Red Bull

E10 Double Jager Red Bull   Entry fee is only 8euro on the door and this is a strictly over 18s event.   Check out Rappers Comp Ireland on Facebook ; On Twitter ;!/RappersCompIre Check out the Facebook events page for Hip Hop 360 ; [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"279","attributes":{"class":"media-image aligncenter size-large wp-image-687","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"576","height":"847","title":"472269_217010608403044_100002823191895_326892_1661851516_o","alt":""}}]]