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Veritaz - Promised Land

Sun, 2013-08-11 13:08 -- lop3z

The first single/video Promised Land from Veritaz's album Genesis has just dropped. The track was produced by Veritaz themselves with visuals by Zoe Kavanagh. As always their combined energy shines through on the track as they deliver their sharply cut bars and haunting vocals. This marks the beginning of the lads re-emergance with their fresh new sound from their forthcoming Genesis album.

Veritaz - Promised Land

Robyn Kavanagh & Class A’z - Footsteps

Sat, 2013-08-10 14:10 -- lop3z

Soulstress Robyn Kavanagh has teamed up with Dublin group Class A'z for a joint EP entitled Trinity and the first official release from that upcoming project is Footsteps. The track is produced by Scooby aka Scimon Tist and is a nice airy, open track, held together with the stern vocals of Kavanagh, interlaced with verses from Redzer and Terawrizt of the A'z. Video as always from Jebus.

Robyn Kavanagh & Class A'z - Footsteps (Official Music Video) Irish Hip Hop Rap

Icarus Rising - Bop Your Heads

Wed, 2013-08-07 23:25 -- lop3z

Here's the video for Bop Your Heads taken from Icarus Rising debut EP Lucky Seven. This track has an absolute serious beat produced by Icarus Rising member Mexy and both he and West Knyle go in hard over it. This track runs as smooth as time with the flow from these guys and the hook is an absolute perfect jigsaw slot on this track. Really liking this one.

Bop Your Heads - Icarus Rising (West Knyle and Mexy)

Rejjie Snow - Snow (My Rap Song)

Wed, 2013-08-07 18:45 -- lop3z

Rejjie Snow has just dropped the video for his single Snow (My Rap Song) from his recently released EP Rejovich. The video is some nice work and the track is a nice laid back open track laced with his trademark slow paced flow. You can get the download link and details for the Rejovich EP here

Rejjie Snow - "Snow (My Rap Song)" (Official Music Video)

Collie ft Funzo - No Matter What You Do

Fri, 2013-08-02 09:21 -- lop3z

One of the nation's veterans Collie is back with this catchy, progressive track No Matter What You Do featuring Funzo. Production comes from Alan Newman and Collie and visuals from Jonathan Lambert. This track has a nice simple but rythmical beat with Collie dropping his trademark snappy 'banter' flow culminating in this nice, smoothe head bob track. This is the new single from Collie's upcoming album The Bitter Truth.

Collie - No Matter What You Do ft. Funzo (Official Music Video)

The Animators - Sketch

Mon, 2013-07-29 21:45 -- lop3z

The Dublin based collective The Animators released their 12 track EP Sketch back in April. With freestyles, outtakes and snippets from the guys in the mix you also get 5 or 6 good solid tracks in there also. Take special heed to the opening track Flow 1.0 and my own personal favourite Mo Fiyah for a taste of what these guys can unleash both lyrically and productionwise when they want to. A good solid piece of HipHop for your ears.


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