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Nugget – Kick Push

Sat, 2011-10-01 12:19 -- lop3z

Ballyfermot rapper Nugget is back with this video for a track off the DFI volume 2 mixtape which is hosted by DJ Mo-K and DJ Mayhem.

The track itself is the hit Lupe Fiasco track Kick Push, which is the Grammy nominated first single from his debut album Food & Liquor, released back in 2006.

The video sees the Ballyfermot native sitting in front of the camera rappin along to the track, visually flowing his lyrics with the ease that we have become accustomed to with him. Nugget delivers his rap with such ease that the flow catches your ears and forces your head to bob to the beat. Going right in with ease on the first verse he raps ;

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Im known as the man, microphone in the hand, hit the zone an, I'm the nicest flowin in the land,

but it isn't enough an this spittin is tough when u realise that no-one really listens to stuff.

So when you kick a verse or throw a track or video up, can't just sit back you have to give it a push, most these idiots suck, thats why they never get a chance stuck in a rut, never gettin to advance

This track is from the second installment from the DFImixtapes. The first which was hosted by DJ Mo-K on his own but this edition sees DJ Mayhem join forces with the Dublin spinster as they bring us the best in Irish HipHop.

Nugget released his first album The Nugget You love To Hate in 2009 and his second album Ready To Diet was released back in February of this year. He has represented Ireland in the Don't Flop battles in the U.K. and is one of the top MC's in Da' Fighting Irish(DFI) Irish Rap Battle League.

You can cop this mixtape from .