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Mr HighSpeed - Late At Night

Wed, 2011-10-05 13:54 -- lop3z

Blanchardstown rapper Mr HighSpeed has just dropped the track Late At Night with an accompanying video, which is featured on his upcoming solo album, Space Rap 101.

Mr HighSpeed, real name Richie Lewis, is twenty-five and has been a member of the well known Blanchardstown HipHop group The Elements for ten years. The Elements used to be home to top Irish DJ, DJ Mo-K, but parted ways a few years back.

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The video was shot in Dublin and is produced by Dave Conroy. The track/video starts with an old science fiction sample and with HighSpeed miming the words in a close-up shot. Wearing a Sherlock Holmes type hat and modern magnifying glass pressed close to his eye, there is an eerie old but futuristic type feel reminiscent of a Stanley Kubrick scene. From that, the beat creeps with an eerie guitar sample over a low beat that builds to a roll then he drops in ;

Where's my head at? 4 in the morning/

and i'm yawning/ smoking green in the kitchen/ transforming into golum/

exercising my right/ Draining current from my lights/ never reluctant/ always corrupt/

The track is also produced by Mr HighSpeed and is a testament to true HipHop with elements of Soul and Funk sampled. It also shows his musical genius when you take the track as a whole and hear how well his flow fits the track perfectly. He really shines over it using short lines and utilising phonetic rhyming skills that give each rhyming set a pop in time with the beat.

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How about it? How about not? I'm defiant/

a general equilibrium of science, let me level with you!!!/

take a shot for good measure, I'm a mismatched anarchist/

pacifying pacifist, toxic avenger, with my makeshift magic stick/

strenuous, cunning linguist, abrasive/

slowly getting back into this!! messing with the words I miss/

exponentially, (a massive increase)/   The track and style of HighSpeed is really unusual compared to other Irish HipHop acts and especially on this track. It gives a depth or another plane to Irish HipHop and again showing the talent in this genre that we have here at home.   Mr HighSpeed is currently working on new Elements material as well as working with and helping out an upcoming Dublin rap group called The Animators. He is also busy and constantly at his production and has done tracks for several Irish HipHop acts and even done the beat for the last DFI advertisement.   The track is from his upcoming solo album entitled Space Rap 101. As of yet we do not have a release date but Mr HighSpeed says that more videos are to follow. [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"108","attributes":{"class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","height":"350","width":"425","style":""}}]]