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Adam Swords - Glitch Bitch

Wed, 2011-10-05 13:58 -- lop3z

Blanchardstown rapper Swords has just released a new track called Glitch Bitch after a two year hiatus from the game.

Swords met up with Richie Lewis a.k.a. Mr. HighSpeed and Gemsmiff back in 2002 and they formed the group The Elements. The group added and changed members over the years and after nearly seven years of working on HipHop, Swords took a two year break from things but is now back.

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After being introduced to an electronic based band, Retrosdead by a friend, they decided to work on some tracks together. One of these tracks being Glitch Bitch.

The track itself starts with a rough, edgy sawtooth intro with a distorted vocal before the live drums and main uplifting riff, break into the track with a burst of energy. The resonating live snare hit holds the high energy throughout this monster electronic pushed track. Straight from the off on this track, Swords makes his reappearance in the music scene known as he stomps on the first verse ;

The man amongst the manikins

The owner, the custodian

Witness how he rise again. Sweeps dust from the scripture

Your subconscious when you try think

Not a figment, he's an imprint

No longer does he withdraw, he's the past and the future

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The high octane production on this track builds and breaks with stabby synths and edgy vocals to match. The track never lets up and the combination of the lyrics and the music are timed and crafted to push the underlining message of the track....that Swords is back

He's the source of the swarm, the spark that lit the fire, now of course it's warm. Taking it to a higher level

Released under Swords vs Retrosdead the combo have also completed another track Black Gold which is another power force of electronic pushed HipHop.

Swords is currently working on a new album from The Elements with Mr. HighSpeed, Gemsmiff, Prominince and Needlz as well as plenty of new upcoming solo material.