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Music Locker Sessions with HipHop32 Presents : Costello, G.I & The Elements

Fri, 2012-08-17 18:47 -- lop3z

The Music Locker Sessions are back with a top class Irish HipHop Lineup for Tramore. Bringing you three of the best acts straight from Dublin to one stage : Costello, G.I and The Elements.

HipHop32 are joining forces with the Music Locker Sessions in promoting their Irish HipHop nights and this is the first of those nights. The guys have been organising some great nights of all genres lately and have landed a truly spectacular lineup for the HipHop heads in bringing Irish HipHop veterans The Elements along with two of the Working Class Army, Costello and G.I.

The Elements have been on the scene here for a while now, since 2002 to be exact and hail from the Blanchardstown area of Dublin. They're a five piece group that consists of emcee/producers and DJ. Their sound is very unique, a mixture of Jazz, Soul, Funk and R&B that is chopped and finished into unique HipHop. They have played some top gigs including a slot at Oxygen back in 2006. They took a break for a couple of years but came back with a bang this year with the release of their free album Lost Archives 06-08 check the review here

Costello and G.I were both members of Street Literature along with the late emcee, Lunitic and have both been heavily involved in the scene here over the last few years dropping some of the big tunes from the last twelve months especially. Costello released his debut solo album Illosophical in March of this year, in my opinion one of the best albums of the year. You can check out the review of the first single, Young Apprentice from that album here

G.I is best know for his production and endless dropping of beats for most of the Working Class Army and for the beats delivered for Lethal Dialect's first two LD50 albums. Not to be disregarded on the mic either, G.I has dropped some phonetical sharpness on verses on tracks too, including Costello's Young Apprentice(linked above). G.I is also working on a solo album where he will no doubt be showcasing that vocal knowledge and rhyming skill.

This gig is for over 18's and is taking place in The Venue, Tramore on Friday August 24th. Admission is the low price of just 7euro and doors open at 10pm.

There will also be a pre-party taking place from around 8-10.30pm in The Wreck with an as yet to be confirmed DJ spinning some tracks to get the atmosphere building to the main event. I'll update this post as soon as he/she is booked.

For any HipHop fans this gig is a must, to get to see such quality of acts and on the same stage is worth getting to.... no matter the effort..!!

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