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Music Locker Sessions Presents - Sons Phonetic & Lethal Dialect

Sun, 2012-04-01 20:30 -- lop3z

Irish HipHop heavyweights Sons Phonetic and Lethal Dialect are playing Cúil Tra, Tramore this coming Easter weekend.

Anyone with fractional sonic ability knows who these guys are and what level they deliver. Both acts dropped their debut albums early last year to phenomenal acclaim. Sons Phonetic who are based in Tramore in Waterford, released their classic album Twelve Labours last year. A twelve track album infused with legend, status and survival in the modern world that's pushed by a soundtrack of heavy and hard hitting, head nodding beats. Check the review here

Lethal Dialect from Blanchardstown in Dublin released his debut album LD50 at roughly the same time last year which was a breakthrough in Irish HipHop earning Lethal my personal title of 'storyteller extreme' in how he combines intricate gritty urban stories into his clever rhyme schemes while backed by dark deep production from G.I. and Jonnyboy, check the review here Lethal Dialect then released his sophomore album LD50 Pt2 in January just gone, another classic Irish HipHop album. Proving to any who might have doubted his level from the 1st installment that he is a relevant heavyweight on the Irish scene. You can check the review to the first single from his sophomore album, Keep It Real here

This gig is being brought to us by a relatively new promotions collective, Music Locker Sessions. It began as a Facebook group for friends sharing new music and also to find out what others were listening to. This soon expanded to such a size that it became subdivided by genre and eventually the original members decided to do something about all the great music being discovered.... and the Music Locker Sessions was born. Nineteen of the original members are now involved in every aspect of running these music nights. With their fingers solidly on the pulse of relevant and breaking music, they have grasped the wide span of genre's and given birth to nights that suit all tastes and this coming weekend they have grasped two of the best names in HipHop..... Sons Phonetic & Lethal Dialect.

These are in my opinion two of the best acts on the Irish HipHop scene and having seen performances from both I can personally guarantee top level performances and a night of great sounding tracks layered with glistening, scalpel sharp lyrics. An absolute must for HipHop and music fans alike.

Music Locker Sessions presents Sons Phonetic and Lethal Dialect this Saturday 7th April at Cúil Tra, Tramore. This is an over 18's event and admission is the small fee of 5 euro per head.

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