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Grandmaster Flash Live at The Venue Tramore

Mon, 2012-11-26 10:38 -- lop3z

Legendary Bronx, New York DJ, Grandmaster Flash is hitting the South East this coming December 8th where he will be performing at The Venue in Tramore.

After forming such groups as Grandmaster Flash & The 3 MC's with the likes of Melle Mel and Kid Creole which later spawned Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. Grandmaster Flash has been behind some of the earliest HipHop hits and anthems such as The Message, Freedom and White Lines,and has been ever heavily present in the genre ever since.

HipHop heads, music lovers and DJ enthusiasts alike are all in agreement when it comes to the sheer quality that this man delivers on every occasion since his beginnings back in the 70s. Accredited with the invention of the crossfader and multiple turntable styles, he will always be up there with the founding fathers of the genre of HipHop. Respected on all levels by turntablists of all genres and mixing just about anything in his own style, he is as well respected for birthing the turntable as an instrument as he is for his mesmerising ability to control and move a crowd.

Grandmaster Flash plays The Venue, Tramore on Saturday 8th December. Support on the night comes from Tom Dunne(Phat Beats) of Sons Phonetic, Jay Ru(City Vibes) and Jus Me(Hobo Convention).

Tickets are 20euro and can be purchased from O'Sheas Hotel in Tramore, contact 051 381246 or 086 8793189 or get in touch through the site and we will direct you.

A night with one of the worlds top and most respected DJ's, a pioneer of turntablism and with support from three top Southern DJ's from three of the biggest nights in Waterford and Cork. Do not miss this great opportunity.

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