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One Life Mixtape Vol. 1 - In Aid Of Console

Wed, 2013-06-05 17:28 -- lop3z

“I couldn't believe it when I heard the suicide rates in Ireland, I was in Dublin in April & when Paul told me about the project I felt I had to help him out & create as much awareness as possible”

Blacastan of Army Of The Pharaohs and Demigodz

This June 6th will see the release of a compilation mixtape with all proceeds going to national suicide organisation Console. The One Life Mixtape Vol.1. is a compilation mixtape from some of the best national and international HipHop artists with the goal of increasing suicide awareness and raising funds for suicide awareness organisation Console.

With the constant rise in suicide going on in the world at the moment and even more so on our own small island, it felt only right to use our own medium of music to raise awareness and some funds to support a topic that is only too close to us all.

Paul 'Tall-Order' Ritchie, a Dublin-based emcee, felt he wanted to do something to address the situation especially when its a topic close to him, having lost some friends to suicide. He felt he could use some of his contacts and connections to put together a solid and reputable compilation of relative tracks from known and respected artists to really create as much awareness as possible. Tall-Order reached out to myself here at with the idea and the project was put in motion,calling on artists for their participation.

“When Tall-Order told me about the project I was on it immediately, suicide has touched the lives of everyone in this nation and the rate is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Awareness is key!!! Get people talking about it, addressing it, that's the first step and hopefully this project will do that for some people.”

Peter 'Lop3z' Kelly of

The response received from the artists contacted was overwhelming with no-one refusing participation in the project. It also became clear that most were unaware of the epidemic proportion of the suicide rate in Ireland. Such a topic is unfortunately only too close to most people these days and there was no shortage of relevant tracks to decide on for the project.

The One Life Mixtape Vol.1 is a 20 track mixtape with tracks from major artists such as Kool G Rap, Killah Priest, Rhyme Assylum, Caxton Press, Jun Tzu, Logic and many more. The tracks chosen for the mixtape are all relevant to the topic of suicide and contain some deep felt lyrics from some of the worlds best artists in the genre.

The One Life Mixtape Vol.1 will be available from June 6th for an optional donation price from €5 upwards and can be purchased as digital download via

“Caxton Press support this cause for suicide and self harm awareness as we also have been closely affected by these issues too. The damaging effect this has on not only the families but the friends and communities around is unspeakable and life-lasting. This is something that must be addressed at the root of the problem or as a society we will continue to see such tragic events of people of all ages taking their own life as if it was their only choice.”

Emcee Killa of Caxton Press

Minimum donation €5