The Best In Irish HipHop

Blok Club DJ's

Mon, 2012-04-16 17:19 -- lop3z

Meet the Blok Club DJs, a union of like-minded individuals that share a combined passion and appreciation for music and the true artistry of DJing. For them, it is more than just spinning.

Blok Club DJs come from varying backgrounds and walks of life and are assembled under the common purposes of not only spinning the hottest records, but also educating members about the music business, encouraging industry networking, training DJs across the multimedia spectrum, taking unskilled, younger DJs and helping them perfect their skills and finally, granting aspiring artists an outlet to successfully promote their music.

Blok Club DJ's are reaching out to connect the movement worldwide by bringing Worldwide Artists to the attention of the greater masses. For this I will be blogging our Irish artists with a short bio accompanied with their audio/video to their Unsigned International Artists page where we hope to open up opportunities for international collaborations, also to attain Irish features on international  DJ hosted mixtapes and gain exposure of our Irish artists to a much broader audience opening up vast and wider opportunities.