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Sun, 2011-10-02 20:42 -- lop3z

My name is Peter 'Lop3z' Kelly and I produce mostly HipHop and some other related genres from my home studio. I work as an assistant sound engineer in a professional recording studio and also write for an online HipHop music site. I have listened to HipHop scholarly for at least 15 years, soaking up lyrical content, flow, production, sound and overall gel on tracks.

I've set this blog up to totally dedicate it to Irish HipHop. I will review tracks/videos by Irish artists and hope to cover the whole scene from Artists,DJ's, Producers, Events and anything else that is relevant to the scene. Irish HipHop as you know has really broken through and is bursting with some great talent on this island and I see it getting so much greater. I hope that this blog becomes an avenue for some new artists as well as the people already breaking on the scene to get themselves out there. I hope that it can be used as a network for DJ's, Producers, Promoters, Artists etc. to tune into whats happening nationwide.

If you have a track/video that you want to send on to me to review then do so to the email at the bottom. But I will be honest in my opinion and so if this is in some way negative don't get your back up, just take it as constructive criticism and come back better, but like I said this is just my opinion.